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Non Fiction

In 2010, Brighton played host to the annual World Horror Convention. The organisers chose the city to be their UK host as they believe it to be the most haunted place in the country. Other cities may disagree but with a wide and varied assortment of spirits from monks and nuns to smugglers, sailors, publicans and soldiers, Brighton certainly has a plethora of paranormal activity to offer.
            This book offers a choice of eight different walks which explore not only the famous Lanes and Pavilion area, but other less well known parts of the city. Whether you choose to do the walks individually or join a few together is up to you. Discover the places where hooded nuns walk through brick walls, unseen entities turn off gas cylinders in pubs with inhuman strength and restless spirits of the murdered remain in the places where their lives were suddenly, and brutally, cut short.
            Brighton offers plenty of restaurants and caf├ęs and as most of the walks include, or at least pass, some of the city’s many pubs there’s always the option to drop in for refreshment. It may just be that you have unexpected company!

To purchase the paperback, please either visit Waterstones in Brighton (by the clocktower), or order online direct from the publisher at http://www.countrybooks.biz/books/GhostWalks.html (just scroll down to number 7 in the series).

If you'd prefer an e-version, click here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brighton-Ghost-Walks-ebook/dp/B005E1JY20/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1318504502&sr=1-2