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Monday, 6 February 2012

Online Writing

A while ago I read about contributing to online writing sites. This wasn't going to make me a lot of money any time soon (ok, so like 'normal' writing then!), but it seemed like it might be a good thing to keep going in the background. I'd missed the original article in the magazine when life got in the way and the subscription lapsed accidentally, but after seeing various mentions of it in the letters page of Freelance Market News, I contacted the Editor for a back issue.

I would like to add here that the Editor was super helpful with this request, and actually emailed me the copy in question very quickly, even though I had expected to have to stump up a back issue fee and wait for it to arrive in the post.

Anyway, I read the article, did some research and chose the one I felt would be most suitable to start out with. This was Demand Studios. However, on applying, it appears that they have been rather over subscribed and don't seem to be accepting writers 'at the present time'. This was one of the rejections I mentioned in my earlier post about such things. I'd been looking forward to taking part so I was a bit down not to get accepted. Especially when I know that I can do the job. I'm aware that sounds a bit like I'm tooting my own trumpet but honestly, I'm not. Those that know me will know that this is generally the last thing I am ever likely to do!

So, after some encouraging words from my fellow writers and bloggers (Thank you!), I have buckled down more and found another avenue in which to pursue the online bit of my writing, Suite101. It's a different set up in the payment method (more based on how popular your articles are, etc) but I still felt that it would be good exercise and if it brings in a trickle of payment every so often, then so much the better. I applied at the weekend and this morning I got an acceptance! Yippee! I then spent - or lost - a good hour or so fighting with the profile bit as it kept disappearing despite saying 'updated successfully' so I've contacted the people to see if it is something I'm doing and in the meantime I will write up my profile in notepad or something so that if it eats it again I at least have a back up and don't have to madly try and remember what I just wrote. They suggest to read all their help and guidelines before submitting your first article so that's next to do.

I've just been finishing an article for submission to a magazine and am just waiting for my proof reader (ie Hubby) to look over it before it goes off. I've also got a big wodge of papers in a file by my feet in the shape of a novel I haven't looked at for some time but which I am thinking about trying to get in some sort of good order with a view to submitting it for the Good Housekeeping Novel Award. I have no illusions that I stand any chance of winning or even running up (although believe me, we could more than do with the prize right now and my now ageing laptop makes weird noises on a regular basis!), but still, it's good exercise, isn't it?

Bearing all that in mind, I suppose I'd better get back to it.

Good luck to anyone else entering the Good Housekeeping Award, I know Carol is, so good luck, Carol!

If anyone has had any experience with online writing for the above companies, or has any tips to share, I'd love to hear them. Please feel free to comment below.

Thanks, and keep writing!


  1. Good luck with the Good Housekeeping Novel Competition, Maxi.


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