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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Is There Anybody Out There? (and if not, am I wasting my time?)

I recently attended a webinar on blogging. It was free, and I'd never 'been' to one, so I thought, why not? I should point out now that I only actually caught half of it in the end, as it was being done from the States and with the time difference, ended up at tea time. And I have my priorities!

Something that I found quite interesting was that the chap running the webinar stated that if you don't have a lot of readers, then you're frankly, just wasting your time. His strategy was that you go and guest blog elsewhere on sites that have many thousands of readers, which when they read your superbly entertaining post, will then help entice them over to your blog too.

Now, I can see the logic there but I also have a couple of queries. One is how you get to be included as a guest on a very popular blog as there is probably already a large waiting list, and not all blogs want guest postings. The other is, just because you don't have many (or any?!) readers, does that automatically mean you're just wasting your time posting your thoughts, time after time?

I've been pondering over this question ever since the webinar, on and off, and have come to the conclusion that only you can answer that. Of course we all want plenty of people reading, and enjoying our blog, and doing little happy dances each time they see a new posting has been uploaded. But just because that might not be happening, does that mean that the whole exercise is just a waste of time? Not for me, no. And I would venture to say that goes for many people who blog. We do it to help improve our writing skills, to put into words the thoughts and questions that are tumbling about in our minds, and just for the enjoyment of creating something. Of course, should we be able to communicate with others, swap ideas and take part in discussions as a result, then that's fabulous! That's great! That's what we want! But it's not the be all and end all of blogging.

What do you think? Do you enjoy blogging for the process, and see readers as a bonus or is having people read and comment the absolute and only reason you put the words out there?


  1. Hi Maxi, Like you I have a fairly new blog and I too have sometimes wondered if I am just talking to myself. My view is that in these early stages I am building something, putting down the groundwork and creating an archive. I hope that as I build I will gradually attract readers and that at some point they will be interested in that archive. I would hope that in a year or so I might have a good number of readers or followers who find some of my work a valuable addition to their lives. As you say, some of it is boosting my writing habits, some is simply putting thoughts out, but one day the whole should be a useful resource or fun, informative place to go. If nothing else it will be interesting for me to go back over. Good luck with your blogs.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Laura. Sounds like we are both in agreement. Hopefully we will both increase our readership in time. Until then, we'll keep on talking to the universe, whether anyone's listening or not!

  3. Well, I'd say just carry on anyway. Sure, a blog with just a few readers isn't going to lead to queues down the street when out books hit the high streets. But it's good to be able to give a business card when folk ask, so what do you write, then? There's my blog, take a look.
    But it's fun, and that's good enough reason to keep going.

    1. Thanks, Rob. I agree. I enjoy writing it and so that's a good enough reason for me to keep going at the moment. The idea of it being a 'shop window' so to speak is also a good point. I hadn't thought of that - Thanks!


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