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Monday, 4 February 2013

First Impressions

I love Jane Austen. It's no secret. I wonder what else she would have written, had she lived longer. And what would have happened had she not changed her mind over that marriage proposal after all. It's quite possible - and fairly likely - she wouldn't have written anything at all. Can you imagine?!

I know I'm a bit late with all this, as Pride & Prejudice's birthday was last week, but life happens so there we go. But there's been an awful lot written about this most favourite of novels, so I'm not going to add to everything that's already been printed other than to say, 'It's fabulous and I love it!'.

My post this week is more to ask as to how many copies you tend to have of your favourite novels? I'm actually rather a fan of 'Persuasion' and may even dare to consider it as my favourite of them all. Whilst Mr Darcy is delightful, Captain Wentworth is rather a sweetheart (Rupert Penry-Jones' portrayal of him in the adaptation hasn't hurt this perception, I'm not going to lie!).

And last week, I was jolly spoiled to be treated to a copy of this wonderful book in the 'Everyman Library' binding. I adore these bindings, although I do prefer the older ones when they were just black and white, rather than the picture ones they put on them now. But that aside, it's the actual binding that make these books a delight. There's just something so enjoyable about turning the pages in these hardbacks, that it enhances the read even more. It's my third copy of 'Persuasion' - but does that matter? And what I would like to say is that I adore my hubby for not saying 'but you already have that one...twice!'. In fact, he bought it for me, knowing I've been looking for it for a while. He understands that it's not just about 'a book'. It's an experience.

I was also happy that when I mentioned it was my third copy to the sales assistant, he gave me a smile and the kind of look that says 'I understand', which made me fairly sure it wasn't just me.

Is it just me? I'd love to hear how many copies you have of your favourites!


  1. I have two sets of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, one quite cheap and one beautifully bound and I carry a mini copy of Hamlet in my handbag!

  2. I have two Rod McKuen books which contan some of the same poems, but I wouldn't buy two copies of the same book deliberately. Bookshelf space is cramped enough as it is!

    1. I know what you mean. I have to be pretty disciplined about what I do get - and I still don't have enough room! But I do adore this binding and as she only wrote six, I thought I'd be ok (having said that, they don't fit on the shelves!)


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