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Sunday, 17 March 2013

How Do You Keep Up With Reading About Writing?

A few years ago we had moved abroad for work, and during that time, for various health reasons I won't bore you with, I was unable to read and gradually built up a stockpile of my writing magazines. And I still have it!

Admittedly it's not so big now but I still have a couple of years worth in hand. I know there is interesting stuff in there so I don't just want to throw them away and 'start afresh' but it does rather depress me a little when I see them sitting there unread. I did think of going through them and just pulling out what I wanted to read but, to be honest, that's most of the magazine.

And that's not even counting the various books on writing I have yet to read!

My main time for reading generally is when I go to bed, to help me wind down but then I like to read a book as I find this most relaxing. I know if I was to start reading about writing then it would kick the brain off, just at the point I'm trying to shut it down for sleep.

I know that part of my problem is the fact I have a chronic fatigue issue that goes with a medical condition, so that can be a disadvantage. Also, right now I'm not getting a lot done outside working on the book and keeping up with the housework but I just wondered how everyone else fits in their reading about writing?


  1. I do most of my reading when I go to bed too, including reading Writing Magazine when it arrives once a month. Like you, I have the same problem with my brain becoming overactive when I start thinking about writing. Sometimes I lie awake all night working out plots and dialogue in my head - very frustrating!

    I have about four years worth of writing magazines piled up in a cupboard. Although I have read them all, I kept them in case I wanted to refer back to them. However, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I would have to start getting rid of some to make room for new ones. So I have been going through them, tearing out interesting articles and information that might come in useful one day. I haven't got around to sorting it all into folders yet - that might have to be a job for a rainy day!

    Interestingly, while I was going through them, I came across two issues of Writing Magazine that had pieces about you and your books in Members' News. When I read them originally, I didn't know who you were, so it was a wonderful surprise reading back through the magazines now to come across a familiar name and to read about your journey to publication!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kristah. I am the same as you once I have read them, as in pulling out the bits I want to refer back to. It does make it easier to find things, not to mention saving on space! Thanks also for your comment on the pieces about me, and my publication journey.

  2. I posted a comment yesterday but it seems to have vanished! I too feel overwhelmed by the pile of unread articles and un-visited advice sites - I have decided to ignore the lot and just get on with writing!

    1. Ah! The delights of the internet! I have to admit, Lizy, I have occasionally had an overwhelming urge to do the same!

  3. I've awarded you the Reality Blog Award Maxi, so pop over and collect it anytime.

    There is never enough time to read everything useful.


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