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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Reality Blogging

The lovely Carol has kindly nominated me for the Reality Blog award.

She actually did it a couple of weeks ago but I've been trying to think of answers to the questions that accompany it! They are the type of questions that could have a myriad of answers, depending on your mood but I'm reluctant to leave it any longer so here goes!

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I'd love to be the kind of person who never worries about anything. I, on the other hand, worry about everything, so being able to change that would probably have a lot of good repercussions.

If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

This is a tricky one. I'm going to cheat and mention two: First I'd like to repeat the time I left school and take a different job to the one I chose to take, and also have the confidence to believe that writing could actually be a real possibility. I'd also like to repeat the few years which encompass our wedding day and just after because I'd love to live that over again, aswell as the fabulous travelling we got to do with the company my husband was working for at the time.

What one thing really scares you?

One? You want me to narrow it down to one? Ugh. Ok, well, serious illness for me or those I love.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

I think it would be fun to be some sort of extremely highly paid actor for a day. I think a job that pays horrendous amounts of money to play dress up all day can't be too bad.

Thank you so much, Carol for the nomination. It really does make a difference when people do interact on a blog and prove you're not just talking to the air!

And now it's my turn! (mwah ahh ahh!) So, the bloggers I nominate for this are:

Dean H

I'm now off back to the oodles of notes I'm in the process of typing up for the non fiction book I'm working on. Seeming like a rather never ending task at the moment! Wish me luck and enjoy the weekend sunshine (at last!)


  1. Talking to the air - I like that! We must all feel that at time but especially when nobody comments on a blog. I'm doing the A-Z Challenge this month and totting up a few more comments, but they're bound to fall off in Maay!

  2. Hi Lizy! I'm glad you are getting a few more comments. You deserve to. Yours is definitely one of my favourite blogs and when I tend to have a blast and get a chance to go to the blog reader, I always start with yours. Thanks for all your comments, they are most appreciated! Good luck with the A-Z!

  3. Thanks for the nomination Maxi. I'm going to have to give some thought to those questions!

    Good luck with typing up your notes!

    1. Thanks Kristah! I look forward to reading them :)

  4. You are never talking to thin air, Maxi. :-)

    Interesting answers, and they are the sort of questions that really make you think hard about the answer.

    1. Aww, thanks Carol! That is very nice to know.

      They did indeed make me think. A very interesting exercise. Thanks for the opportunity!


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