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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Picking An Idea

I currently have several ideas bubbling around in my head. I spend time just staring into space, turning over story arcs, character possibilities, time periods, and imaginary locations. Of course, whilst we all know I am 'working', to others it does indeed just look like I'm staring into space! The trials of a writing life...

But my question is, when you have various ideas pulling at your brain, which one do you go with? How do you choose? Should you always finish something else before you start to write the new idea that is bouncing off the inside of your cranium? And yes, I realise that was several questions and not just one. Sorry.

I'm in the above situation now. I have one novel that is fairly complete in a First Draft (Very Rough) way. Should I continue on bashing that one into shape and put this entirely to the back of my mind or should I get this one spilled out onto paper (or screen) asap, or perhaps a mixture of both? The 'idea' at the moment is set a little after the Second World War. I wasn't around then, my parents were tots and I don't have grandparents to ask so I have a fair bit of research to do when it comes to getting the setting right on that. So I have been thinking that perhaps I could work on the research of that one, and when it's writing time, save that for the 'official' WIP.

Any ideas? How do you handle these dilemmas?

Happy Writing!


  1. I have loads of files and notebooks with new ideas in them. I have to get them out of my head otherwise I can't do anything else for fear of forgetting. Of course in ever get round to finishing anything and many ideas don't go anywhere but the ideas keep coming so there is always something new to keep me from getting back to the older ones. 😄

    1. Maybe it's time to pick one and go for it! :)

  2. When an idea starts getting in the way then I have to write down everything bubbling around in my mind related to it, then I can get on with the current project.

    At the moment I have the first draft of my historical romance waiting to get back to, but my brain is full of the contemporary one at the moment, so I'm getting the first draft for that written, then it will be back to the other one refreshed.

    I sometimes find research on the other project gets in the way as it triggers more dormant ideas when I'm meant to be concentrating on the other project. :(

    But we're all different, and you can only find out what works for you by trying it. Good luck. :)

    1. I am the same as you, Carol. If I don't get at least a rough idea down on paper it won't stop nagging at me it seems so the night I wrote this post, I ended up pouring out the idea, or at least the bare bones of it into a document. I'm quite excited to try and start on that but I hate to leave a project/job unfinished, it's not in my nature so I'm going to make a concerted effort to get the original one knocked into shape. Thanks for the good wishes and I hope your writing is going well :)

    2. I'm applying the same process as you at the moment, Maxi, concerted effort on the current project to get the first draft completed. Then get back to the other one nagging at me. :-)

  3. I am re-re-writing my first ever novel. Also trying to find agents for two others in different genres. Trying to get my head round all three means, often, that I do nothing.
    So the answer is probably to stick to one at a time, but I'm not the best person to ask!


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