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Friday, 25 November 2011

Do people really hate reading?

I recently read about a Facebook page called 'I Hate Reading'. My initial thought was 'Seriously?'. This seems such a strange topic to go to the effort of setting up a fan page for. I mean, if you apparently hate reading, then just don't read. End of discussion. But it seems that the creator may have hit a nerve as to date it currently has 517,522 'likes'.

With regards to this page, there have been comments to the effect that it's not 'I hate reading' but 'I hate Reading' - as in the town in Berkshire. It's not a place I know particularly so I can't comment on that. But even disregarding the whole Facebook thing, there probably isn't one among us who hasn't heard someone say that 'reading is boring' or that they do in fact hate reading.

That gets me to thinking. Do they really and truly 'hate' reading? The dictionary definition of hate is an 'intense or passionate dislike'. And if this really is how they feel about the thought of having to sit down with a book, then why? Where did this anti-passion for books come from?

I think school probably gets some of the blame. Dissecting a novel into the minutiae of who did what to whom and why can test the love of a book for even the most ardent reader. Take away any present passion for books and it is easy for the scale to tip.

Even if that Facebook page does indeed refer to the town, it's unclear and as a result I'm sure some people have 'liked' it thinking that it does refer to books. I highly doubt anyone that did so is reading this blog, purely because of its subject, but it would be interesting to know if any of them do read other blogs, and does that count as reading? I mean, you have to read Facebook status and walls, don't you?

However, on the very off chance that one does,or you know someone who really does apparently detest the thought of reading a book, I'd ask them to try again. If you haven't read since school and your last ingrained memory of reading was a painful dissection of a classic, then make a fresh start. Find a book whose story you think sounds interesting, get comfy with a nice cup of tea (or something stronger if that's your preference but not if it's going to make you nod off!), switch off the telly and just try the whole experience again - this time at your own pace, just enjoying the story. Escape into another world and hopefully the memories of 'hating reading' will be replaced by a love for it instead.

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  1. Sadly some people really do hate reading. There are many causes, including bad teaching, lack of books in the home, and sometimes just sheer disinterest. Other people do hate Reading because of the miserable experience of catching a train between there and London, or vice versa.


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