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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Books to suit the weather?

A (long) while ago I bought a lovely copy of Jane Eyre, in the black and white Everyman binding. I'd read the wonderful novel before but the copy I had was a secondhand one whose pages were far more out than in. For one reason and another I've only just got around to opening my 'new' edition and the other day whilst reading it, I was reminded again about how much I enjoy books whose contents echo the outside when it comes to setting or weather. The wind was howling and the rain was hammering at the windows. It sat perfectly with the young Jane shivering in her bed at Lowood Instituion, unable to wash on particular days because the water had frozen in the ewer. I read this and pulled the blanket further around myself, at the same time feeling a little odd that I could do this whilst Jane suffered with the cold. And yes, I know she's fictional but that's what good writing does to you, isn't it?

It's not just weather that I enjoy tallying with the contents of my choice of reading, I'm apt to do it for location too at times. Several years ago we were lucky enough to travel to Asia for my husband's job at the time (if he gave up the option of Business Class he could have two Economy tickets instead, which was good for the company as this was still cheaper and also us as I got to tag along!). The place we visited most was India - a place I already had a love affair with, only enhanced by our visits. I loved reading books set in the Continent, including one on the history of the Maharanis and another that was my late father in law's called 'Chasing The Monsoon'. He was an avid reader and although my Mum in law donated all his beautiful, immaculate books when he passed away, she put this one aside for me, knowing about my interest in the country. It was an older book and one I'd probably never have come across, and reading it was a joy. I think this probably was partly due to the setting I was lucky enough to read it in, but also because by reading it, I was able to have a link with my hubby's Dad.

So, is it just me who enjoys snuggling up as I read about the cold, rain lashed Yorkshire Moors? I'd love to hear whether you enjoy reading certain things in certain circumstances!

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