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Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Daily Constitutional

I've come to notice a trend whenever I read interviews with writers, and writing blogs - something that a good majority of us do, and no, it's not procrastinate, but if we're honest, that's probably just as common.

No, the habit in question is that most writers make sure they take a walk at some point during the day, possibly accompanied by a pooch. I'm sure that having said animal looking up at you with doleful please-can-we-go-for-a-walk eyes, does do something to motivate one to getting up and on with it. It sort of gives a purpose to a walk. We no longer have a dog so it's up to me to provide my own motivation (not always easy!). And sometimes it takes a while, but I'm always glad I've made the effort when I get back.

(I was going to put a photo in here that I just took on my evening constitutional but Blogger has decided it doesn't want to play tonight, so words it is).

Walking gives you the chance to think - whether that's about what you're writing or something completely different. It also means a gentle workout for your body, as well as your mind. It's all too easy to stay inside and stare at a screen, especially when it's cold or rainy outside but I still try and make the effort, knowing that it's for the best - both mentally and physically.

Of course, there are days that you're not going to be able to fit it in -  you have to wait in for a delivery which has helpfully been scheduled 'between 8am and 8pm', you're not feeling well or it's absolutely bucketing and neither you, nor the dog is going to go out there without a boat. And that's ok. Don't feel guilty if you have to miss a day. It happens. Thanks to a medical condition, there are days when a walk for me just isn't possible, so I accept that and just try and make sure I get out when things feel better.

Any sort of exercise will do really. Sometimes my walk is replaced by gardening, or a cycle ride if I'm feeling really brave!

The main thing is just to get out and away from the keyboard for a bit. Let your mind wander, take in the sights and sounds of where you walk, whether it's city or countryside. You'll feel more energised and ready to get back to your WIP, and who knows, you may even come back with a new idea or two!

Happy walking!


  1. Half of my blog posts - no, probably most of them - are written on or at least dreamed up on my morning walks - like today's!


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