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Friday, 9 November 2012

Does a Change of Scenery Help Your Writing? (or Breaking Through The Blah)

This is a subject I often ponder on. My first novel - at least the first draft - was written almost completely whilst accompanying my husband on a long business trip abroad years ago. There was of course the added benefit that I was pretty much able to concentrate just on that, and not worry about doing the housework or wondering what to prepare for tea, but I definitely think that the change of scenery added a boost of inspiration.

Although the exotic tag-alongs are now in the past, I still try and do something on a (much!) smaller scale if I'm feeling a bit blocked, distracted or just blah. I follow the tried and tested method of many a writer and find a café.

Even though there's background noise (which at home I don't like), just the impetus of moving and putting myself somewhere else for an hour or so often gives me the push I need to get on and write, edit or just study something I've been meaning to for a while. And actually getting something done usually fires up the enthusiasm for getting more done when I'm back at home.

So, if you feel you're flagging a bit in the enthusiasm department, take a stroll or drive to a different location - it doesn't have to be a café - and see if the change of scene helps you break through the blah.

Does anyone have a favourite place they go to? I'd love to hear! Feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. The change of scenery gives me new ideas, but I write best in familiar surroundings.

  2. I wonder if it is to do with a 'routine' for the brain. It knows as it is sitting 'here' that it's time to write. Interesting! Thanks for the comment, Liz


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