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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Post

There's been a bit of a gap since the last post, and apologies for that. I've been pretty poorly with a stinker of a cold which is still hanging on and trying to decide whether to develop into a chest infection. The last week or so has been pretty much a washout in getting anything, writing or otherwise, done. Not ideal when I still have stuff to get ready for Christmas either.

So, today's is just a short post and puts the above into perspective. So, I'm a bit behind. Big deal. The horrors of the school shooting in the US this week are beyond anything I can write on here. I am not about to get political or religious. It's not about that, and I hope that those in charge finally see that those aren't the important issues here. This was not a one off. And something needs to be done. I only hope that something can.

Rest In Peace little children, and brave teachers. You did not deserve your fate.

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  1. You're right, Maxi - my heart bleeds for the families.
    I hope your cold is gone now and you have time to look at my blog for details of the Very Inspiring blog award I am passing on to you. x Liz


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