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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I MUST finish the book!

For a writer, it's so important to find the time to read. Don't make it a chore, or something that 'has' to be done but do fit it in somewhere. There's often a bit of compromise or multi tasking involved but that's ok, it's whatever works for you.

I know I'll never read all the books I really want to anyway so I no longer force myself to plod through a book just because I've started it. I used to. It didn't matter how dire it was, or how much it just wasn't my sort of thing, onward I would tramp, constantly glancing to see how many pages I had left until finally, finally I was done and could go and start something else.

The first time I didn't finish a book, it was an incredible release. Why on earth had I been forcing myself to do this? The book that brought it all to a head was 'We need to talk about Kevin'. I was reading it as part of an online reading group but I couldn't do it. The subject matter was just too dark for me at that particular time in my life and I had to pull out. I'm sure there were those in the group that felt I 'should' finish the book and they are entitled to their opinion.

I read to be entertained, to learn and to escape. That particular book did not suit my personality, that's all. I wasn't going to continue reading a book that disturbed and upset me, even though that is essentially the whole idea. It's meant to be a disturbing book.

But I have a lot to thank that book for. It freed me! It broke the chain of 'having' to finish a book. That decision meant I now have more time for the ones I do want to read.

It's not that common for me to not finish a book but now I know that if I don't, it's ok.

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