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Monday, 24 October 2011

That explains things...

Following on from the previous post, I was doing my own chasing last week.

One of the chases in my 'To Do' list was for She magazine. They'd put out a call a short time ago for writers. I was pretty excited about this as I like the mag and felt they had interesting articles and a good outlook. I had a couple of pitches to do which I thought would (hopefully!) be suitable for them. All in all I was actually quite cheery about these pitches.

And then nothing. So when I came to do the chasing last week, I made a discovery that the magazine in which I had such hope has been closed. Which would go some way to explaining why I hadn't had a reply to my pitch. Hearst Magazines has bought out Hachette Filipacchi and immediately closed Cosmo Bride and She magazines.

So, in case you missed the announcement (as I did) and are waiting for a reply, I just thought I'd let you know.

And now to finding a new home for those pitches....

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