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Friday, 30 March 2012

Competition Entries update

As you may remember, I had hoped to enter both the Good Housekeeping novel competition, and the Novelicious chick lit competition. Well, it's been pretty mad here for the last month especially and something had to give. It turns out to be the Novelicious entry.

I decided it would be better to concentrate on getting one, hopefully decent, entry out there rather than two rather half baked ones. In the circumstances, I sealed up my manuscript, synopsis and entry form and lovely hubby took it to the post office for me in lieu of me being unable to get there - or anywhere very far at the moment, thanks to some more ankle surgery last week. I must say a word of thanks at this point to Carol who reminded me on her blog that the entry for this one did actually have to go in the post, and couldn't be emailed. Had I not read that and had my memory jogged, I probably would have fiddled and tweaked until the last minute before trying to email it and thereby missing the deadline. So, thank you, Carol!

So, I have wished it well and can only keep my fingers crossed now. I don't really expect to place anywhere, although of course I'd absolutely love to. I mean, that's the whole point, isn't it? But my goal was to actually enter the competition. Which is what I have achieved. So, I'm pretty please with that.

It's a shame I couldn't get to do the Novelicious one but there are times you just can't get to do everything, and we have to accept that occasionally. So, I just have to let that one go...unless, of course, I get incredibly inspired and knock out another 2000 words tomorrow...you never know ;)

Has anyone else entered this, or another competition recently? And what do you do if there are things you want to write but just cannot feasibly get to?


  1. I know how easy it is to forget allowing time for posting when there's a deadline.
    Good luck with your entry Maxi.

    I lost February to illness, so I knew I couldn't get my entry up to a good enough standard by my posting deadline, so sadly I made the decision not to enter the GH competition.

    As to your question, I do believe in the saying, as one door closes another opens... :)

  2. Good luck - and hope the ankle heals quickly.


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